9 Best Tutorials for Creating Houdini Growth Effects

Berika Lobzhanidze Walks Through His Network That Creates Procedural Growth Effects on Any Object

One of the things that new users start out doing in Side FX Houdini is destroying stuff or creating a growth effect. Why not. The boundless playground presented by Houdini’s procedural network and workflow is pretty conducive to those things, and more. Walking through one such setup for growth effects is instructor Berika Lobzhanidze. Berika steps through his network that will grow particles on any object. https://www.behance.net/Berika_

More Tutorial Resources for Creating Growth Effects in Houdini

Procedural growth is a topic that gets covered a lot. Here are some more resources to help users of all levels get started or to learn new techniques.

Rohan Dalvi’s Ivy and Vines

Rohan Dalvi demonstrates an easy way to create growing vines and ivy type of effect in Houdini. Rohan effectively uses an animated leaf animation that is copied onto a curve, offsetting it by a point number. Create animated ivy and vines covered by Rohan Dalvi

Ben Watts’ Simple Growth and Provocation Tutorials

Ben Watts guest hosts an Entagma tutorial, that shows how you can create a growing effect really easily. Create an easy growth effect and growth propagation by Ben Watts

VFXHomeland’s Knit Solver

VFXHomeland posts a look at animating knitted surfaces, using their free Houdini Knit Solver asset.

Grow knitted surfaces by VFXHomeland

Entagma’s Surface Packing Tutorial

Watch as Manuel explores a simulation based way to get a dense packing of particles with varying radius.

Surface packing tips and techniques by Entagma’s Manuel Casasola Merkle.

Javier Toledo’s Non-Overlapping Growth

Watch as Javier walks us through creating a simple Houdini Solver that will make spheres grow until they come into contact with each other.

Grow non-overlapping spheres by Javier Toledo.

Dan Goodwin’s Detailed Patterns Tutorial

Goodwin walks through his setup for creating amazingly intricate patterns with Side FX Houdini, L-Systems and VEX.

Grow detailed patterns by Dan Goodwin.

Junichiro Horikawa’s Diffusion Limited Aggregation Tutorial

and finally, Junichiro Horikawa shows how to create a diffusion-limited aggregation system in Houdini – It’s a great way to animate a 2d slime/ mold growth over time.