U-Render Now Closer to Release With Public Beta

Real-time PBR Viewport Renderer U-Render Enters Free Public Beta.

Viewport technology is increasingly crucial for today’s workflows. With game engine technologies like Unity and Unreal real-time physically based rendering, shaders and raytracing expanding to 3D tools, the future indeed looks bright. We’ve witnessed plenty of DCC’s move to a more current viewport, including Blender, Maya, and C4D. You may remember the early workings of a 3rd party viewport renderer that features real-time PBR for C4D called Tachyon Render. That was by UPPERCUT visual technology and has since renamed to U-Render.

UPPERCUT has worked hard to reach the point where U-Render is ready for a public beta, asking users to help test the renderer and provide feedback. U-Render offers a Physically Based Material System that includes both specular and metallic workflows, real-time lights and shadows, Image Based Lighting, real-time displacements, and support for Cinema 4D’s internal clones and instances.

You can learn more about the U-Render public beta and sign up for it here.

  • Before you sign up as a beta tester, please make sure that your system meets the System Requirements.
  • The Beta is provided free of charge, following the End User License Agreement.
  • Once you signed up for the beta, you will receive an email with details about how to download the beta and its documentation.