New Curve Toolkit Streamlines Curves Workflow in Maya

Erik Lehmann’s New Curve Toolkit Simplifies Curves Workflow Features in a Compact Panel.

Curves are enormously helpful with a lot of work in Autodesk Maya. I use curves all the time for modeling and general construction. So if you are like me, the idea of a Curve Toolkit will pique your interest. Erik Lehmann, a Senior Build TD at DNEG, who has written a lot of a lot of the tools, posts a new one that offers strong functions for working with and managing curves efficiently.

What it Does

Curves Toolkit does more than bring Maya’s Curve Tools forward in one handy place. The kit offers more than a few functions that can support and streamline your workflow with curves in Maya. You can analyze the curves in your scene to learn of details such as Length, number of CVs, Spans, and Degrees. The tool also provides a way to convert curves to geometry, rebuild the curves by length, easily select point ranges, and snap the curves origin to a surface. Fantastic!

How to Get it

Curves Toolkit works with Maya 2015, 2017, 2018, get it or learn more here.