Free Drop to Floor Updates for R20

AJ Haines Updates the Drop to Floor Plugin to Work With C4D R20.

Many C4D users are accustomed to having the Drop to Floor plugin around that it has almost become second nature. With an exciting Cinema 4D R20 coming out next month, many are eager to upgrade. Due to C4D’s new C++ API changes, many plugins will no longer work. Of course, this isn’t true of Python plugins. AJ Haines (AlphaPixel) re-wrote the plugin with Python so that that the plugin will work with the newest release of C4D.

Drop To Floor R20 is a freebie from Alpha Pixel, and has the same functionality as previous versions. One click can place any object on the ground plane of your scene in Cinema 4D. ” You can head over to the site and grab your copy and be safe from ever having to line your objects to the ground again manually! ” AJ says.