Everything You Wanted to Know About HDAs and Engine

Jeff Wagner Details Working With HDAs and Engine Covering Best Practices.

The SideFX Houdini team posts a Houdini Illume Webinar that covers working with Houdini Digital Assets and Houdini Engine. If you have ever had a question about using Houdini Assets and Engine together, you will likely find an answer here. The webinar covers building HDAs and details some things to look out for when creating them.

Wagner lists some “gotchas” when creating HDAs “So you went and accidentally used the Edit Parameter Interface dialog to add spare parameters to your HDA instead of the Edit OpType Properties Interface. No worries! Here is how you can grab your spare parms and add as proper parameters to your HDA.” Wagner writes.

The Webinar also runs through best practices for managing Assets within a workflow, and how Assets work within the Houdini Engine in Maya, Unity, and Unreal.

The scene files for the presentation are found here.