Preset Offers a Better Power Pin in After Effects

Danny Princz Posts a Preset for Ae That Lets You Swap the Corner Pin Tracker for Power Pin.

After Effects veteran and general wizard Danny Princz posts a free preset for After Effects. Aptly named A Better Power Pin, the ae tool essentially lets you swap out the After Effects tracker pins for the more powerful and flexible CC PowerPin. BPP or Ae keeps the tracker information but lets you adjust your replacement image without affecting the track.

The technique is a great way to adjust the pinned image completely separate from the track keyframes. How many times have you found your track to be just a little off in some places? This is an easy way to create adjustments on top of the original track data, without ruining it. CC Power Pin is more intuitive to use as it gives you grid lines that you can use to adjust the image. It also has better rendering and interpolation over other ae plugs.

Download A Better Power Pin for After Effects here.