Better Manage Image Planes in Maya With This Script

Monika Gelbmann’s Image Planes Manager Helps to Keep References in Check.

Image planes in Maya are pretty straightforward. That is of course until you want more than one in a scene, which is what I found myself doing recently. Then managing image planes becomes a little more of a hassle. If you find that you are spending a lot of time with maintaining the image planes in your scene, then you should check out Image Pane Manager, a free script from Monika Gelbmann.

The script offers a simple way to create, adjust and manage image references in your Maya scene with a small panel and uncomplicated user interface. Image Plane Manager lets you create, select, and delete an image plane with the click of a button. You can also choose the associated camera and look through it, move and scale images using sliders, and quickly adjust the opacity and brightness of the image-references you are using.

The script also comes in a “pro” version that offers the ability to move and scale in direct relation to camera space and also allows you to retarget between various cameras in the scene.

Check out Image Plane Manager here.