This Demo Shows a Live Mosketch to Maya Link

Moka Studio Shows Its Streaming Server Creating a Live Link Between MoSketch and Maya.

There are some really great and newer 3D animation tools out there that push the boundaries of the convention. Applications like Akeytsu rethink animation workflow. So does Mosketch, from Moka Studio. Mosketch is an animation tool that lets you create animation by way of sketching instead of moving individual controllers. Users can sketch directly on the character joints to develop Key poses. The software automatically changes the character’s limbs according to the line that you draw.

Mosketch also embeds a streaming server that lets you send and receive joints values to and from your local network. The streaming server becomes very useful in a production pipeline when you want to use the application for animation but also see the results, in real-time, in another 3D package. Moka Studio has posted an example showing how the app interacts with Autodesk Maya. Every change made is transferred through the live link over to Maya. The software’s streaming server documentation details how developers can create their own live links for other DCC’s.