How to Change Normal Direction With a Reference Geometry in Houdini

Matteo Migliorini Shows How to Control Normal Direction Using a Reference Object Using VEX.

Just getting started with SideFX Houdini? You might want to take a look at VFX’N’GO’s course that tries to teach Houdini from an artist’s perspective. A recent posting shows an excerpt from a class that covers how to change the normal direction of an object, by using another object as reference.

The tutorial, hosted by Matteo Migliorini shows how you can essentially create two vectors and then perform some simple addition or subtraction to create a brand new vector. With this tutorial, Matteo works with normal directions, but you can use the same techniques for any vector attribute, such as velocity.

Matteo’s Houdini for Artists workshop is an introduction to Houdini that extends a bit further than introductions too. “I will cover a variety of material and get into many technical low-level concepts, such as the maths, geometry, and trigonometry involved in gaining complete control over an effect,” Matteo says. Visit VFX ‘n’ Go’s Houdini For Artists course here.