How to Create Fabric Shaders in Arnold for C4D

MographPlus Makes Use of the New Sheen Component in Arnold to Create Amazing Looking Fabric Shaders.

Kamel Khezri has an update to the Ultimate Introduction to Arnold for Cinema 4D course that looks at using Sheen to make great looking fabric shaders. The tutorial covers creating silk, cotton, velvet and other fabric shaders in Arnold for Cinema 4D.

The latest release of Arnold 5 included a new attribute for Sheen. In Arnold, it’s a great way to generate microfiber and cloth-like surfaces such as satin, silk, velvet and more. The Sheen attribute gets layered onto the diffuse surface and can be thought of as the combination of the density and length of the fibers when creating fabric shaders.

Arnold’s new Sheen setting is more than only useful for fabrics. You can also use it for anything that has a microfiber look to it. This can include peach fuzz or small tiny hairs on a character’s face to add a subtle level of detail taking the render to a new level of realism.

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