Check Compression and Stretching With This Maya Tension Map Node

Mahmood Hasanzadeh’s Tension Map Node Is Free, Works With Arnold, and Can Check Compression and Stretching.

Character Artist Mahmood Hasanzadeh must have been digging around his old files and coming upon an older plugin, decided to share it with the community. His Tension Map Node for Maya can show compression and stretching in real-time and is Arnold compatible. “I have a plugin node that I wrote it a year ago,” Hasanzadeh says. “it has weaknesses, but I intend to upgrade it..(if I find an opportunity.”

mTensionMap works with Maya 2018.3 (by testing) and offers a simple way to visualize compression and stretching when working with models in Maya. A Tension Map node is not to be confused with Maya’s own Tension Deformer, which showed up in Maya 2017 Update 3. The tension deformer can simulate the effect of surface tension, where the Tension Map Node helps to visualize tension in the viewport.

mTensionMap is free and available here.