Distress 3D Type in C4D With Volumes and Fields

The Pixel Lab Works With Two New R20 Features to Distress 3D type in C4D.

Looking to get a damaged or weathered look to type in Cinema 4D? Sure there are lots of ways to get that distressed 3D type style, but with the new Volume Builder and Fields in C4D R20, methods just got a whole lot easier.

Volume Builder allows you to create complex models by working with volumes and an additive and subtractive workflow, much like working with booleans, only much more flexible. The other component of Joren Kandel’s tutorial is using R20’s Fields, which can be considered evolution to C4D’s falloff system – In fact, Fields completely replace Falloffs in R20.

Joren shows how to use both volumes and fields to distress 3D type render that has never been easier.