Pathfinder for Maya Easily Retarget Animations to a Path

Felipe Ramirez’ Pathfinder is a Lightweight and Easy to Set Up Tool for Animation Retarget.

A new Maya tool from Felipe Ramirez aims to put the frustrations of reusing animation on the backburner. His Pathfinder tool for Maya lets you easily retarget animations on to any path. The retargeting tool is much more effectual than Maya’s built-in motion path tool, according to Ramirez. He’s developed a panel that is lightweight for retargeting work and easy to work.

Pathfinder gives you an intuitive way to redirect characters while keeping the original animation as close to the original as possible — and it does this without sliding feet. The Maya tool features to offer: no foot sliding, simple to use interface, an easy way to delete things without affecting the animation, a way to bake animations to another layer, and gives you results in real time.

Check out this page to learn more. The Maya tool costs $49.99 here.