Working With C4D’s Volume Effector for Pixelized Titles

Darkins Digital Shares a Technique for Creating Pixelized Titles Using C4D’s Volume Effector.

If you are just getting started using Cinema 4D, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the range of possibilities when working with Mograph clones and Effectors, and now Fields. The Darkins Digital channel shows how you can create a simple pixelated or voxelized animated title effect, just by using a cloner group and the volume effector.

The Volume Effector in C4D lets you define influence based on specifical objects. It’s a great way to make clones only show up inside the volume object or the area of influence. In the case of this tutorial, the MoText element is set as the volume, showing the cloner cubes as the text animates in the scene. It’s a simple set up but an easy way to create pixelized effects.