Brave Rabbit Previews a New Free Light placer Tool for Maya

Ingo Clemens Shows a Light Placer Script that Can Direct Lights in Maya by Clicking on a Surface.

Quick preview for a Maya script which allows placing lights based on the reflection position of the light on a surface.

If you’ve worked in other 3D applications such as 3ds Max, along with Maya, you can’t help but wish that some of the best features and workflows could pass from one to the other. Brave Rabbit’s Ingo Clemens certainly thought so when he created a new Light Placer Tool for Maya. The tool can place and direct lights in a scene by just clicking on the surface of an object.

The Maya script will be able to place lights where you want them quickly, based on the reflection position of that light source on the surface. Watch the quick preview video that shows off the script’s functionality. Clemens plans to release the Maya-script soon and make it available as a free tool.