Have a Look at This Extensive Introduction to Maya’s Render Setup

New Series Shows How to Use Maya’s Render Setup to Breakdown Complex Scenes to Render.

Maya’s Render Setup is a welcome addition to replace the old and long-forgotten render layers. Render Setup is a super-powerful tool for segmenting and breaking down renders. It allows you to break down complex scenes and get the renders you need from them quickly. The render feature can get a bit involved though, so if you have never used Setup before, it can be intimidating. Even if you have used it before, make sure that you are using the setup system to its full potential by watching this fantastic new series from the Maya learning channel.

The series shows how to use Maya’s Render Set Up to break down complex scenes into pieces and parts for rendering. The topics covered include rendering layers, matting/cutting, setting optimization, overrides, pre-lighting, camera placement, pruning, and more. If you have wondered how to manage large scenes with setup, this is a great place to start.