Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Maya Joints

Raffaele Fragapane Goes Deep Into Maya Joints With Explanations, Rants, IK and Skinning.

A Passionate exchange broke out on Twitter between two of the rigging heavy-hitters in the industry. Rigging Dojo and Cult of Rig’s Raffaele Fragapane discussed the tiny technical details of joint orientation in Maya, each taking a side. It was fantastic. The Dojo firmly planted a stake with the “for” column while Raffaele view on Joint Orientations was “against.” “@riggingdojo The only good Joint Orientation Attribute Value is a dead Joint Orientation Attribute Value. Don’t do pivots and joint orients, please, many kittens die every time they are set to non-zero,” Fragapane wrote. You can follow the Twitter thread below.

The debate ended with a possible podcast and a new live stream from Cult of Rig that dives deep into Maya Joints, explaining every last technical detail. There are almost 2-hours of nerdy tidbits, explanations for joints and orientations, IK, skinning and of course, some good-old ranting. Check out the recording of the live-stream that has everything you have ever wanted to know about Maya Joints, and at times were afraid to ask.

Raffaele Fragapane is a Lead Engineer and Architect at Technicolor (@ThE_JacO) and runs The Cult of Rig, a live stream diving deep into rigging processes in Maya.