Create and Rig Wings and Feathers with this new Maya Tool

FeatherCreate is a New Rigging Tool for Building Wings With Feathers by Ceyhan Kapusuz.

Creating feathers, wings and birds are one of the most technically complex things you can do in 3D. It’s no wonder that there are a lot of tools out there to handle things like feathers and the specialized rig involved with wings. A new tool from FX and Technical Director Ceyhan Kapusuz, looks like an interesting one.

ck_featherCreate lets you draw out curves and then define them with the script to create the wing. FeatherCreate then adds feather shapes and the rig based on the curves. The wing rig looks to be incredibly flexible with lots of controls for flight and non-flight animations. If you are looking for a feather and wing rigging system, have a look at the $75.00 ck_featherCreate for Maya here.