Pixelate Anything in Ae With This New Halftone Plugin

AeSweets New Halftone Plugin for After Effects Packs Features to Get Different Looks Easily.

Halftones and pixelizations are a quick idea to get stylisations on animations. The trouble is a halftone look is pretty far from fast to produce, especially in After Effects. Although there are many techniques to achieve this highly desired pixelated look, along with a couple of plugins, perhaps there is room for one more. A new After Effects halftone plugin from AEsweets helps to create those halftone effects, and also has a ton of features to do it.

The plugin lets you control particle type along with the size and position of the particle in use. You can also tweak the columns and rows for the grid, the halftone settings and change the particle and background color. The plugin also features a drop shadow mode with its custom settings.

AEsweets Halftone Plugin costs $24.99, and you can download a fully functioning demo version to take it for a spin. Visit AeSweets to learn more.