How to Create an Easy and Smooth Head Turn With Moho

Mitch Shows an Easy Way to Create a Smooth head Turn With Moho Pro.

There are many challenges to the 2D character animation workflow, especially if you are not using the right tools. One technique that many users find awkward is tricking 3D-like movement when none is there — Such as creating a smooth head turn for a character.

If you work with Moho Pro or Spine 2D, you know that building a smooth head turn animation could mean a lot of time moving points around until it looks correct. Lots of things need to change. The head shape, eyes, ears, nose and hair all require effort and an almost painstaking workflow.

Moho user and Youtuber Mitch shares some tips that he uses to make a smooth head turn by a little planning first and starting with the 3/4 view rather than the front view. Mitch shows a few examples of the technique with some variation and touches on some of the controls that employ the head turn in Moho. Nice Tips!