Free True Layer Duplicator Script for Ae Dups Everything

Lirian Tabib’s Free True Comp Duplicator Will Duplicate Layers Including Hierarchy and Sub-Comps.

Here is something if you don’t want to shell out $25 bucks to be able to duplicate everything in After Effects. True Layer Duplicator script for After Effects is free, and according to its author Lirian Tabib, is “Just like True Comp Duplicator, but way sexier.” Not to mention that Tabib’s script is also free.

True Layer Duplicator is a powerful script for After Effects that allows you to duplicate a layer based on comp hierarchy and that also includes sub-compositions — So basically everything. “It resembles TrueComp Duplicator Just with a Twist- It works on Comp Based Layers!” Tabib says about the scirpt. “This will save you the time of manually duplicating and replacing the relevant layers (with or without TrueComp duplicator) while keeping the changes made to the original layer.”

Get your free copy of True Layer Duplicator Script for Ae at Lirian Tabib’s VdoDNA here.