3 Powerful Yet Overlooked Maya UV Tools to Speed Up Your Work

FlippedNormals Has a Look at Some UV Tools in Maya That You Might Have Missed.

There was a time when the features for Maya modeling and UV tools were coming a bit fast and furious. That said, it would be natural to miss some features that you will instantly love. With a look at three compelling but overlooked UV tools is the team from FlippedNormals. The tutorial covers the 3D Cut and Sew UV Tool, Auto Seam, and Symmetrize – All great additions that can help you do things faster, and items that potentially could be your new best friends.

3 Maya UV Tools You Might Have Missed

3D Cut and Sew UV Tool is a fast way to mark cuts and seams right in the 3D view. The tool works very similarly to the workflow within 3D Coat and has a bunch of key commands to make segmenting a model into UV shells much faster and much more comfortable.

Auto Seam is a great way to cut and unfold the models with one click automagically. You can think of Maya’s Auto Seam as something similar to UV MAster in Zbrush. It’s not an end all be all, but it’s a great way to get simple models unfolded quickly, and a great way to jumpstart creating UVs.

Lastly, the Symmetrize lets you create UV symmetry using brush based tools. Symmetrize is enormously helpful for working with mirrored UV shells and creating symmetrically perfect UVs quickly.