Richard Lico Shares His Animation Tips and Tricks

Richard Lico Posts an Excerpt From His Siggraph 2018 Presentation, Providing a Breakdown of Some of His Animation Tips and Tricks.

Award-winning animator Richard Lico always impresses with his animation workflow tips and tricks and his last Siggraph presentation is no different. Recently Lico posted an excerpt that offers some insights into his animation workflow. “A few months back at Siggraph 2018, I gave a presentation about a workflow where I provided a breakdown of some of my tricks,” Lico says.

Some Old, Some New

If you have seen some of Lico’s presentations before, some in this latest video will be familiar to you. “A few examples in this video are overlaps of my GDC 2018 talk. While some of the examples are tricks, I’ve never shown before,” Lico notes. It was nearly two years ago when Lico started to share random tips with a look at adding natural and automatic secondary animation by rigging aim constraints and using particles.

Inspired Tools

Since then, many rigging and tools artists have created tools inspired and based on Richar’s principles. LMspring and Physics tools all work with a similar premise.

His latest video covers basics and quickly increase complexity. You can see the presentation in its entirety here.

About Richard Lico

Richard Lico is an industry respected and award-winning animator whose work you can see in Polyarc Games’ VR adventure “Moss.”