How to Advect Particles in Houdini With Redshift to Create a Dragon

Ahmed Adel Shows How to Advect Particles in Houdini Redshift to Create a Dragon.

FX Artist Ahmed Adel has a nice walkthrough of a little POPs experiment with Houdini 17 and Redshift. The process demonstrates how to advect particles in Houdini along with using the Redshift Renderer for output. The result is not unlike a volume effect where particles occupy a model’s space.

The topic of how to advect particles is often revisited in tutorials because it’s such a fascinating look in 3D.

Dive Into More Particle Advection

Check out Alexander Golubeff’s look into how to create particles that are advected by volume fluids.

Also on the subject, Simon Fiedler shows how you can set up V-Trails to create shapes in Houdini. The tutorial covers using a custom vector volume that uses tangents from a curve to control the form.

Ben Watts dives into creating trapped bubbles in a liquid, detailing a bubble advection effect.