How to Create 2-Sided Wireframe Renders With Arnold

3D Splanchnic Shows a Nice Technique for Adding More Intrest to Wires by Making 2-Sided Wireframe Renders.

Arnold Render makes it reasonably straightforward to create wireframe renders. There is a tool for that, the aiWirefame node. Wireframe in Arnold is a color shader that produces a wire-frame style output as RGB. Although the node offers a bunch of settings that help with control, such as edge type, fil, and line color, the power comes from incorporating the node in a more extensive network. 3D Splanchnic shows how you can easily make a 2-sided wireframe render with a little work.

The technique uses aiWireframe in a shading network alongside the Arnold Standard Surface shader. The aiTwoSided node gives the shading network a darker look to the backfaces. Making 2-sided wireframes makes it easier to see the 3D object through the complexity of the edges.