Get to Know the Unity HD Rendering Pipeline With Cinema 4D

Glass Hand Studios Covers the Basics of Working With C4D and the Unity HD Render Pipeline.

More and more these days it seems that real-time graphics is the solution to a lot of the industries questions. With super-fast GPU renderers, VR options, and the fantastic quality that is coming out of game engines, it’s no wonder that people are experimenting with real-time. Want to see what the workflow between C4D and a game engine works? Watch Glass Hand Studios’ Brandon Clements as he dives into the Unity HD rendering pipeline between Unity and C4D.

Unity’s High Definition Rendering Pipeline offers control over how Unity renders and gives amazing HD results. The High Definition Render Pipeline or HDRP, follows the principles of physically based rendering, unified lighting, and features that are independent of the rendering path. Visit Unity to learn more about “The High Definition Render Pipeline: Focused on visual quality.”

Clements gives an excellent overview of the workflow between Cinema 4D and Unity, using some LOD Lightmap scripts. The scene file for the project available from Glass Hand Studios’ patreon.