AG Launcher is a Better Way to Manage Ae’s Scripts Menu

AG Launcher is a Dynamic After Effects Javascript Launcher That Offers a UI to Launch Them.

Scripts are a great way to extend tools in After Effects and also offer workflow enhancements that can save you time. Going under the File > Scripts menu in Ae while simple isn’t the best way to find and manage those all-too useful scripts. The list gets unruly easily. Just adding the essential Redefinery scripts will leave you with a long list to sort through. Now AG CodeWerks offers a new tool that can help manage all that: AG Launcher.

AG Launcher is a dynamic panel for Ae that lets you find and launch javascript from the scripts folder quickly. Think of it as a dock for all your Ae scripts. Just put your javascript files into folders, and open AG Launcher. You will get a new panel in After Effects that contains dynamic buttons created from the javascript directories. The panel itself is also dynamic, collapsing and expanding to save on precious screen real-estate.

One of the best things about the Launcher is that there is no need to restart after effects when you add a new script – just add to the script folder and refresh the UI panel.

The script is from AG CodeWerks which is Johnathan Banta and AGRAPHA productions. You can get AG Launcher for free, for a limited time. Visit the AG CodeWerks store for more information.