MaxDepth’s New Advanced Photogrammetry for VFX Course


Timothy Hanson Posts New In-Depth and Hands-on Training for Using Photogrammetry in a Visual Effects Workflow.

You can always count on MaxDepth training titles as quality products. After all, Timothy Hanson is a seasoned VFX Supervisor working on blockbuster films. His latest though is his most ambitious training series to date. Advanced Photogrammetry for VFX is over four-hours of in-depth and hands-on training that also offers the resources and content to follow along, with over 1,600 high-resolution images.

The course covers everything starting at square one: Gear, tools, and the principles of photogrammetry. “From there we will start with the first of three case studies focusing on variables you’ll encounter in your quest for the perfect data set,” Hanson says.”Along the way, we will touch on re-topology and mesh cleanup in Zbrush, as well as perfecting our textures in Mari before ultimately creating our final renders in Vray for Maya.”

Advanced Photogrammetry for VFX is $89.99 from the MaxDepth shop.

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    Just saw this…Would I need to know Maya to take this class? Thanks!


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