Easily Create Custom Hotboxes With Maya Hotbox Designer


Lionel Brouyere’s Python Plugin for Maya Is a Simple Way to Design Custom Hotbox Menus.

There is little doubt that both Marking Menus and the Hotbox in Autodesk Maya are brilliant for working fast. Naya even allows users to edit and create custom marking menus, which is handy. If you want to create a custom Hotbox, you have an alternative that is a much easier way. Lionel Brouyere’s Hotbox Designer is a Python Plugin that allows you to design custom Hotboxes in Maya.

The plugin offers a new Hotbox editor that allows you to create a layout for your new menus, add buttons and provide functionality for those buttons. Merely place the plugin in the Maya scripts folder and launch designer manager. Plans are in the works to extend the plugin to Nuke and Blender.

Visit the repository to learn more, download Hotbox Designer and take it out for a spin.

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  1. lionel brouyere

    Crazy, I just post that few day ago. I didn’t realize it can be shared so early. Be comprehensive, this tool need to be improve and tested mode 🙂

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