Visualize and Fine-Tune Initial Velocities in Houdini

LYNX VelocityControl Asset Lets You Set and Tune Initial Velocities for Your Houdini Simulations.

Luca Scheller is a 3D Generalist and Pipeline TD who is releasing bits of his VFX toolset for Houdini, under the Lynx name. The first tool out is Lynx velocity control. This Houdini asset allows you to create the velocity attribute on any edge selections. The asset lets you visualize the speed for simulations, and also gives you control over initial velocities via a grooming method.

Lynx VelocityControl Asset is free to download and comes in both packed and unpacked formats that include a demo file. Luca gives a concise demonstration with the video tutorial that goes into details on use, plus a couple of practical examples. “An important side note: If the asset outputs velocity vectors of length 0, then it is very likely that the normals that feed into the asset/that are created by the asset are of length 0. To fix this, create correct normals on your input geometry. More information on this in the video.” Luca mentions.