BrickIt Script Lets You Free-Form Build Lego in Maya


There have been a few voxelization tools out there for Maya that will let you convert models into one bade out of many blocks. Some of them even will convert your model into lego pieces at the click of a button. Romain Chauliac’s latest script is a bit different. BrickIt lets you free-form build models out of Lego bricks piece by piece.

Brickit presents a panel in Maya that is loaded with Lego brick parts to choose from. Simply choose the brick you want and click int he viewport to place it. The script offers intuitive snapping so the brick components will always line up. Snapping makes it easy to build up models quickly, much how you would build them in real life.

BrickIt is only working on Maya 2018 and higher for Windows, MacOs and Linux. You need to have at least Arnold Mtoa 3.1.1 (for aiRoundCorner node). Check out the BrickIt page to learn more.


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