Working With X-Particles 4 Wave and Foam in C4D

Jonathan Winbush Shows How to Make Waves and Foam Using the New xpWave and xpFoam functions in X-Particles 4.

Insydium’s X-Particles recently got some new features with the latest version. X-Particles 4 now has wave and foam functions that allow you to generate wave-like motion and add foam, trapped air and spray to fluids respectively. Jonathan Winbush of Winbush Immersive walks through using xpFoam and xpWave showing how to render them with Redshift in a new tutorial.

X-Particles 4 new wave object generates realistic wave motion when added to any of the X-Particles fluid solvers including Fluid FX, PBD Fluid and the FLIP Domain. The Foam object is a simple setup a PBD Fluids object in X-Particles and an object to act as a collider to contain the fluid particles. In the display, the blue particles are the main fluid particles and the white particles are the foam, generated by a separate emitter

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