New NitroCycle Lets You Circularize Any Selection in C4D

Nitro4D Releases NitroCycle, a Tool That Can Circularize Any Selection With a Single Click.

Mention NitroMan to any C4D artist and you will likely get no argument that he is one of the most prolific tool creator for Cinema. It seems that every few weeks he is pushing out a new tool that will speed up C4D workflows in some way. His latest is NitroCycle, a modeling tool that can create circular topology from any selection.

NitroCycle will take a symmetrical selection and make them rounded, taking into account the original surfaces shape. If it encounters a nonsymmetrical selection, it will round the corners for that selection. In both cases, NitroCycle will allow you to control how the rounding works after the fact. The C4D tool is around $17.00 and might save some modelers some time.