How to Create Simple Callout Elements With After Effects

Jason Boone Shows an Easy Way to Create Callout Elements in Ae Using the Beam Effect.

You can see callouts in a lot of motion graphics pieces. It’s a great way to show relevant information while adding interest. In a new tutorial from PremiumBeat, Jason Boone shows how you can easily make your Callout in After Effects, using the beam effect rather than a standard path.

The beam effect in Ae is perfect to create a callout because of the attributes which include a start and an endpoint for the beam. Boone shows how to make the connections using the expression pickwhip and then goes on to explain how to animate the element into a moving shot.

If you need something a little more complicated and editable, then you should check out Mikey Borup’s tutorial that shows how to create a callout asset from start to finish. The asset will allow you to add any text to the call-out and have the bounding shape automatically adjust to match the size.