How to Create a Micro-Millennium With BrickIt

Romain Chauliac Using His BrickIt Script for Maya to Create a 38-Brick Micro-Millennium Faclon.

A little while ago @WiZix_ posted a new Maya script that let you build Lego models by snapping bricks together in the viewport. The script enables you to quickly make Lego models in Maya much the same way that you would create them in real life.

If you are curious as to how the script works, check out this hour-long video that shows Romain building a micro millennium falcon using only 38 bricks. There is a demo version of of the script available, which has a 38 brick limit.

BrickIt works with Maya 2018 and higher for Windows, MacOs, and Linux. You need to have at least Arnold Mtoa 3.1.1 (for aiRoundCorner node). Check out the BrickIt page to learn more.