How to Clean Up Your Rig Controls in Moho

Create a Setup Where Head Controls are Separate from the Other Rig Controls in Moho

Youtube tutorial author Mitch posts a look into creating separate rig controls for characters when in Moho. Having rigged controls for both the body and the face of a character can take up a lot of space, with UI elements everywhere. Creating a system where you can quickly toggle the visibility of face and body rig controls as needed, can be much more efficient.

It’s just a matter of moving the bones for the face to the head layer. It really does make the animation process much cleaner. Mitch walks through some tips for cleaning up those controls so that you will be animating undistracted by a screen full of bones.

More Rigging and Controls Setup Tutorials

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Check out Jared Hundley’s series that covered the basics in workflow and Moho tools.

Mitch also had some great examples and tips on how to set up face controls.

Animator Troy Picou also walked through the process to create rig controls with Moho Pro.