Vellum Workflow for Paneling Cloth in Houdini

Technical Artist Sara Rascon Shows Some Vellum Workflows for Paneling Cloth as Well as Draping and Material Look-Dev.

In a pre-recorded presentation that took place at Toronto’s SideFX HQ, Technical Artist Sara Rascon covered Houdini Vellum workflow for paneling cloth to create 3D clothes for characters. Houdini 17 added a new and unified vellum solver to its arsenal of tools. Vellum is a great way to facilitate effects like hair, soft bodies, balloons, grains, and even cloth. The system uses a Position Based Dynamics system for fabric, that is fast and reliable and making the workflow easy.

Sara, (who is a technical artist with SideFX) also covers draping techniques for 3D clothes and also extends into creating materials and the look-dev process for a final render. If you’ve seen the Houdini 17 sneak peek, you probably noticed the Flamenco dress there. The video is a closer look into how that dress came together. You can download the scene files for the demonstration here.

Maybe you are looking to add effects to vellum, like how to animate and break the constraints in the system. Check out Rohan Dalvi as he shows how to create some more complex setups, like how to break vellum constraints over time.