5 Ways to Replace a Primitive With a Point in Houdini

David Kahl walks through 5 different ways to replace a primitive with a point at its center.

One thing that is a useful workflow in SideFX Houdini is to replace a primitive with a point procedurally. Many Houdini users will know at least one way to do this. In his latest Houdini quick tip, David Kahl covers five different ways to solve this common task.

Replacing a primitive with a point is very useful as a foundation of procedural modeling. Let’s say that you want to replace a specific primitive with more detailed geometry. Often you would want to copy that geometry to a particular point of pivot. That pivot will be at the center of the primitive that you are replacing. That is just one example of how useful swapping primitives for points is. “it’s a simple task but an important one” Kahl notes.

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