Check Out Easy Terrain’s Fledgling River & Ocean System

Morteza Ahmadi teases some early work on what will become Easy Terrain’s river and ocean system.

Easy Terrain is a tool that makes it easy to create terrain systems in Maya. It offers in-viewport feedback for a lot of the creation process, making terrain building a much easier process. Now Morteza Ahmadi is working on bringing the same level of interactivity and ease of use to a river and ocean system that will show up in ET2.

“While Bifrost is all detailed and amazing it can be slow, and I have wanted something to match the base idea of easy terrain which is making Environments fast and easy,” Ahmadi says. “I used some of the techniques that I previously used in UE4 to make some interactive river/ocean in Maya, and it turns out like this.” Ahmadi takes inspiration from the work of Jean-Philippe Grenier and hopes to make the ocean and river system in Easy Terrain reach the same level of quality.

The ocean system and river tools will be part of Easy Terrain 2 and if you get it now and you will receive this feature when it is released.