Explore Blender GreasePencil With This Free Character Rig

Juan Moliner Offers a 2D Cut-Out Character Rig for Exploring Blender’s New GreasePencil Capabilities.

With the anticipation of the final release for Blender 2.8, GreasePencil is just one of the exciting features on the way. The good news is that you can try out an alpha for Blender 2.8 right now. You can even get started exploring the capabilities for working with 2D cut-out characters thanks to this free character rig from artist Juan Moliner.

Moliner’s rig is a basic one, designed to let you explore the possibilities for 2D cut-out animation with GreasePencil. Moliner notes “I am not a professional rigger, this is not a professional rig, only a starting point I’m exploring, and I wanted to share with the blender community.” Still, if you are looking to play around with characters in Grease Pencil, this is a great way to do that.

Grease Pencil 2D elements are full-on native elements in the 3D viewport and work with all of Blender’s toolsets — You can create hand-drawn traditional animation, or rig characters using Blender’s rigging tools. Check out Juan Moliner’s 2.5D Grease Pencil Rig here and check the vid for a demo of how it works.