How to Control Text Range Selectors With an Expression

Motion Designer Luis Martínez Shows How to Control Range Selectors by way of an Expression Selector used as a String Parser.

After Effects Text Animators allow you to do some pretty amazing things with type in Ae. Once you understand how text, animators and range selectors work within Ae, it can really save you a lot of time when it comes to animation. Did you know that you can procedurally select and alter text elements in After Effects using expressions? As an example, motion designer Luis Martínez walks through a single expression that he wrote for expression selectors under the text animator category in After Effects.

Martínez’ setup employs an Expression Selector and uses it almost as if it were a string parser. In his example, the name of the animator in the text layer stack dictates which elements in the text layer are selected. Because the expression is driven by the name of the text animator, it’s easy to search and select characters, words, patterns and more with a lot of control. With this expression, you can use actual text to match and control selections. pretty cool!