mGear Rigging Framework 3 Adds a New Guide Manager and More

Miquel Campos releases mGear 3 adds new components, a new guide manager and much more.

mGear is the much valued and free rigging framework for Autodesk Maya hits a new milestone with version 3.0. The new version adds a Guide Manager that lets you create duplicate and edit components for character rigs. Also in the new release are some new components that include a shoulder, spine FK, tangent spline, chain stack, and chain FK/IK.

mGear is an open source endeavor originally designed and developed by Jeremie Passerin, but since 2013, taken over by Miquel Campos who has kept the torch for the project and evolved to the current design. The project’s goal is to provide a solid framework for rigging and animation tools development and judging from all the people who love mGear, it seems to be succeeding.

Learn more about mGear here.