mGear Updates With All-New RBF Manager

Miquel Campos Releases mGear 2.5 Which Includes a New RBF Manager That is an Absolute Must-Have.

mGear, the rigging framework for Autodesk Maya has been updated to include an auto-rigging system, Synoptic Visibility Tabs, and Controls, along with many other features. Most interesting is the new RBF Manager which makes use of Brave Rabbit’s weightDriver node created by Ingo Clemens.

mGear’s RBF Manager works as an easy way to set up driver/driven relationships for any Maya artist and rigging TD alike. RBF (Radial Basis Function) is a system that can interpolate driven values that are dependant on the distance from the origin.

mGear is an open source rigging framework for Autodesk Maya that now has a new site and forum. Visit mGear here for more information and download.