mGear Updates and Adds New Auto-Fit Tool

mGear Updates and Adds New Auto-Fit Tool

mGear open-source rigging and animation framework Updates with new features, and enhancements.

mGear’s new update adds a couple of significant features, some enhancements, and lots of fixes too. mGear 3.5.0 sports a new Auto-Fit tool (as a beta) that lets you automatically size guide placements to new characters. Also of note is a new Channel Master.


  • Anim Picker: Make select controls display more noticeable [anim_picker#16]

Bug Fix

  • Anim Picker: CentOS and windows Maya 2019/2020 TypeErrorr [anim_picker#15]
  • mGear_core: dagmenu error when parent switch with keys on and rig with namespace [mgear_core#53]
  • mGear_core: Fix loop crash when quering tag childrens [mgear_core#52]
  • mGear_core: Fixed path handling in exportSkinPack if it is called with arguments. [mgear_core#37]
  • mGear_core: getRootNode doesn’t find the root correctly [mgear_core#51]
  • mGear_core: Mirror function causes tag attributes to mirror their content [mgear_core#47]
  • mGear_core: Parent switch dag menu not working when root node is parented under a non referenced heararchy. [mgear_core#48]

mGear is an open-source rigging framework initially created for Softimage by Jeremie Passerin. Recent incarnations live on since 2013, taken over by Miquel Campos. The project’s goal is to provide a robust framework for rigging and animation tools development. Learn more about mGear for Maya here.