Amazing NitroVeins Draws and Animates Branches in C4D

Nitro4D releases NitroVeins that lets you draw out branches inCinema 4D without having to worry about topology.

Another week, another Nitro4D plugin? Well, yes, but this one might make you say “wow.” New from NitroMan is NitroVeins, a tool that lets you draw out, edit, and animate branched networks like trees or veins in C4D with a type of casual ease that only comes from Nitro products. The plugin lets you simply drag to draw tube structures while letting you fluently add branched elements to any part of the tube.

The best part is that anything that you draw is completely editable, and has nice and clean topology too. Not only are the structures editable, but you can also animate them easily. Need to animate a growth effect? – That’s not a problem.

NitroVeins works with R15 and up and you can pick it up for less than 20 bucks.