OBJ Toolkit for Maya: A Better Way to Handle OBJ Files

Jan Jinda’s OBJ Toolkit Offers a Clean, Easier and More Effective Way to Handle OBJ Files in Maya.

Do you find yourself importing and exporting a lot of files in Maya in OBJ format? If you do, you’ve likely run into some workflow limitations that you’ve worked around. That doesn’t have to be the case any longer, with a new and free Maya script from Jan Jinda. OBJ Toolkit is a set of scripts that tailor to offer a much cleaner and more effective way to handle OBJ files in Maya.

Jan says “Thanks to the Import as blend shape options it keeps all your scene hierarchy, geometry UVs, shader assignments, etc.” The script has had its run in the production field, used and extensively tested on projects like Pacific Rim: Uprising, Venom and lately Avengers: Endgame.

Now you can get OBJ Toolkit for free through the FlippedNormals store.