Getting Started With the RizomUV Interface

Samuel Winter Has a Look at RizomUV Covering the Interface, Some of the UV Tools and Functions.

A little while ago, the UV Mapping tool Unfold3D relaunched as RizomUV an entirely new UV tool for 3D artists. The newly released software represents UV mapping software with a goal of being able to segment, flatten and pack UV’s without any manual intervention. That said, the interface can seem little daunting with all of its buttons, panels, and gadgets. Samuel Winter (Digital Meat) has a small overview that can help get you centered and using the essential tools needed for unfolding and creating great UVs.

Winter runs through the essential parts of the Rizom UV interface, has a look at some of the UV tools and how they work. “this video is intended to be an overview of RizomUV in preparation for more in-depth tutorials.” Winter mentions, so stay tuned for those.