Blender Add-on Animation Sketch Poses with a Stroke

A new Blender add-on in the works lets you pose characters by drawing a Grease Pencil stroke.

Game artist and animator Pierre Mervaillie’s new add-on for Blender lets you pose items in the scene by drawing a gestured line. Animation Sketch (still a work in progress) uses both grease pencil to draw the 2D shapes and bendy bones to deform into the pose.

The idea of using gesture curves to pose isn’t a new one. Moka Studio’s MoSketch, a plugin for Cinema 4D animators, allows artists to create 3D character animation easily and poses with the stroke of a pen, rather than movie controls around individually.

Mervaillie warns that there are still a lot of issues with the addon, but there is some excellent documentation that will help you avoid most of those. Check out Animation Sketch v0.1 here.