NewGrowth is an Interactive Tree Drawing Add-on for Blender

Michel J. Anders Shares His New Blender Add-on NewGrowth That Lets You Draw Trees With a Brush.

Blender has a few options for creating natural vegetation. One that always comes to mind is the Sapling addon. Now there is yet another tool for creating trees, and this one lets you interactively draw them out exactly how you would like them. NewGrowth is the result from Michel J. Anders’ months of work. The Blender addon lets you draw trees interactively using brush strokes.

You can easily direct the growth of twigs and let them grow into branches. NewGrowth lets you easily prune existing branches and gives you complete control to create trees with character. “Once a tree is created many aspects of the generated mesh and leaf particle system are parameterized, like the overall thickness of the trunk or the number of tiny twigs that are pruned, giving you control over your creation even after you have saved the result,” Anders mentions.

NewGrowth Interactive Trees Addon is available from the BlenderMarket.