Cell Division with the MASH Blend Deformer

3D Splanchnic shows how to create a cell division effect using Maya’s MASH Blend Deformer.

There are a few ways to create a cell division effect in 3D; many of them overlook the technical details into how the cell divides. As noted by tutorial author 3D Splanchnic, many techniques leave out the cleft that happens just before the division takes place. 3D Splanchnic’s tutorial covers using Maya’s MASH Blend Deformer to facilitate this.

The Blend Deformer can blend connected meshes to another version of the same mesh. It differs from standard blends in that the Blend Deformer can interact with MASH Falloff objects and can include maps and other bits of control. All of that kind of makes it a perfect tool for creating a Cell Division effect.